Mar 1, 2009

bila bosan kita menjawab

1.When you cry does anybody know?
= xde sape yang taw pon
2.When you love, Do you give all?
= give hell
3.If u hV chance to be in front of your most recent ex what would you say?
= cantek gf baru??
4.What's one thing that you learned from those failed relationships?
= pengisian
5.What is the most important thing in a relationship?
= happiness
6.Is it normal to become jealous of someone?
= jgn nak melampau laa
7.When you come across your ex with his/her gf/bf what would you do?
= (euww)
8.Does looks matter when choosing a bf/gf?
= sometimes
9.What is a must in a gf/bf?
= honest n sincere
10.What if a friend tells you that he/she loves your bf/gf what are you going to do?
= oke..kau pehal?nak sangat?nnt aku tnye die dulu
11.How do you look like right now?
= smart in position
12.What is the wallpaper of your lp/pc?
= the beatles
13.Is there any part of your body aching?
= backache
14.Who was the last person to kiss you?
= haha~
15.Did you make fun of anything today?
= semalam~
16.Is it true that most good looking guys are gays?
= npknye mmg begitu..muka boleh blah tp tgn mmg lentik semacam
17.Do you think you are beautiful?
= maybe..tipu ah kalo xmengaku kan
18.Do you have any celebrity idol?
= yes..
19.Does it hurt to know that everything is changing for no reason?
= oke aku terima je
20.Can you deal with break-ups?
= hahah!oke im fine..kita break je
21.Met any new friends today?
= nope
22.Miss someone rite now?
= nope
23.What is the thing that you wish you could do on your own?
= pegang cacing tanah dan sewaktu dgnnye
24.What was the last sweet thing you ate?
= xde..haha
25.What is your favourite juice?
= durian belanda
26.Are you fond of animals?
= kucing bole la
27.Can you handle little kids?
= budak kecik yg cm aku bole kot.jgn nges2..aku pening
28.Will you be married in the next 10 years?
= yes
29.What are you looking forward to?
= abes stdy, belaja masak, keje
30.Is there any of your friends that you cant stand?
= ade je
31.Will you still be with the one you're currently with next year?
= maseh ade lg ke
32.How do you handle your problems?
= beli baju,beli kasut, beli mcm2, masalah xbesar mane pon..the way we think je..
33.Do you collect any magazines?
= rottwr..currently
34.Tell me something weird about you?
= jerk!haha
35.Did any stranger made your day today?
= he made me mcm mabuk..hehe
36.Do you follow any blogs?
= yes..
37.When will you sleep?
= sebentar lagi
38.What time will you wake up tomorrow?
= kol8(set alarm)

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