Jul 17, 2009


u know i've never met a man who's made me feel quite so secure, he's not like all them other boysthey're all so dumb and immature..lily allen quote's quite interesting.really fair and i think its really mean, just a bit give and take and some understanding.the day will come, my friend.i'm really sure about that. it seems very confusing.really confusing.my head always spinning.do not know why and how it happen.there's nothing more obvious to show my happiness.lot of thing happens.lot of feeling come out without answer.huh.maybe some time.yes it some time.no longer to be like this.the time will come.come so see us.i'm addicted to the light that shines me everyday.dear God, really hope that it will come true but i know this is not the right time and place. only God know. time passing by.

'A little magic that will finally destroy
This dream that pains me and enchains me
But I can't because I'm mad...
I'm mad about the boy'
by dinah washington

p/s: Pray it won't fade away..

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