Oct 21, 2009

reminisme a fond memory.

cits happen last year. yeah its was last year.
im asking him about butterfingers.
he told me that he adore this "gerakan butters so much"
he said "nak?special neh. orang lain pon tak dapat"
he gave me the full version of butterfingers album.
he send by email and he said that he love butters.
special for me. really excited. and he told me to listening carefully especially the lyrics.

"oke, i ll listen later"
" jangan lupa dengar terus terang, i love dat song so much"
"hah yela"

and finally one years later,
the butters still be our themes and of course terus terang and lengkap semula be the primary theme so that we'll enjoy the bytes2 of the songs well.

luckily i still have the album.
but just now i realized that im not listening to this songs anymore.
its not supposed to happen.
err err.

and tonight. im back to listen this tracks.

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