Jan 24, 2010

percayalah aku masih single dan not taken lagi. aku tak tipu

whoaa! such a wonderful night with my practical mates. yes. we having fun in front of the MENARA CONDONG and GEBANG MALAM that likely a midnight uptown.

just come back from haning our dinner together, im really tired right now. hurm. quickly switched on my lappy and open the facebook and listen to JANIS JOPLIN. it's really cool babe. i feel very happy right now even i feel so damn tired. its already past twelve and my eyes cant close yet so i decide to write and post something to my lovely blog. i just want to share what im feeling right now. ngehehe.

we do lepaking and sharing the idea, gossips and also our feeling towards each other. very open conversation! i really like it because semua sporting gila!!

teha, nora, akmal, naim, am, khairul and hazam!! semua mmg gile duh!

why they can't believe that im actually single and not taken yet?

they said im liar. woohoo!

percayalah hooiii!!

p/s : into cry cry baby by janis joplin. cool!


EmY yuE said...

aku pon rase cam taknak percaye haha

eza roslan said...

caye lah amy haha

EmY yuE said...

tamau2 haha ko kena tgok mate aku pastu ckapa..hah kalo mate ko tk gerak manae2 aku caye la hihi