Feb 1, 2010

iklan ho ho horlicks tu mcm lucah ke?

The first day having my own class. handling them.

“oke class now im your mathematics teacher”

The first class is 4 melati. Haha. After introduced myself to my fellow students we have started the class. we started on chapter two that is algebraic expression and equations. Most of all understand what I’ve teach and I only move on one chapter because it is one period. See you next class.

Second class in 4 episcia, two little prefect Indian boy “banyak mulut”. Handle with my own way and we’re discussing the homework given last week to them. Mostly they can do well in factorizing and I’ve decide to move on another chapter tomorrow because we got two periods.  Kesiannye untuk kelas ini im not introduce myself until at the end of the class. 10 minutes I’ve provide to introduce myself. Hehe.  Nice technique right? Just keep on our students waiting to know about myself so that they will pay attention first during my lesson then they can know me.

“teacher duduk taman melati heh? Petang ni kami datang nak tuisyen”

p/s : seronok!


AidaN aMoy eTuc said...

klu ak jd student tue..
gle xkhusyuk blajar sbb cikgu xkenalkan diri..
even klu die kenalkan pon ak lupa..
nak tusyen gak~

nat said...

sesuka sesuki je nk dtg tuisyen..byr r!haha

eza roslan said...

uma aku privacy
mane bole dtg uma cekgu
bahaye nak2 mcm aku

AidaN aMoy eTuc said...

br nk ngorat ckgu.."

dialog diatas mungkin dialog anak murid ko...