Feb 1, 2010

kes terbaru tahun 2010

All of sudden smile. Yes im smilling right now typing this entry. Hmm why? Maybe it is because of myself keep on thinking “we are in the same boat “. It is too overacted if im posting this entry but I just want to tell you that im very impressed last night.

At 1.46 am, my phone was ringing with pixie lott tone. 

Dengan muka blur-blur aku tersentak dan looking to the screen. OMG! Am I dreaming or what? I look at the screen until 3 times because it happens unexpectedly.


“helo, hmm”
“helo, boleh bercakap dengan….”

I can’t sleep a whole night. Im thinking of him. Is he thinking the same too?

I MISS HIM A LOT (I can’t hide)

Khabar gembira yang dikatakan gembira di dalam tahap gelabah dan tak pasal-pasal nervous untuk persiapan pembelajaran esok hari.

p/s : lesson is lesson

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