Jun 24, 2011


dear readers, im just want to sharing with you some of my stories. family, friends and my love ones. i heart them much so that im very happy with them.

selected stories:

what kid of you if you cannot fill your commitment toward friends. why not you tell me face to face, gently speaking with me with your situations. i only heard from other, through your facebook. we are lots in contact now but I really understand why, but why dont you tell me the truth? still hiding from me uh? come on, we are still friend and i dont know if you shame with me with your behaviour. hmm. im not angry even im so happy im heard you with someone else. but why you hiding from me?

and till now, it seem like we are getting worst not like before, we can make laugh and go for hangout. its really different now dude. hmm.

im just wait for your confession, its okay if you are not with us anymore. just one thing i want you to tell you that is " true friend is hard to find, same with girlfiend also. think twice, you'll not regret later"

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