Jun 24, 2011


hi guys, once again i wrote second entry for today. huh. all my family member going out buying groceries, im not interested so i decide to stay at home. last hour ago, misunderstanding with my mum, haihh. i also dunno why this happen to us. oh shit! maybe its my fault hmm. mum ask whether i want to go or not, im pretending like busy with my facebook. lastly, they go. im alone here now. with nothing left. suddenly i think that i've made a mistakes, to mum. can you imagine, if the last question im not anwering just now, my mum left me without comeback? i means go uhhhh..no need to say. hmm. hmm.

i love you mum, but sometimes you makes me cry cry cry like a baby. you are everything to me mum but sometimes i feel so broken hearted. and i also dont know why. maybe my hormones for this week is not good and plus plus the problems comes. you see how many 's' here. alot alot and alot.

i thnik i want go sleep early, that will be more relaxing and tomorrow got to go school :)

nite peep's!

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